Red Ribbon Week takes place each year from October 23 through 31st.
Join us in our MISSION to help keep kids drug-free.


They hear you.
Research shows that parents are the #1 reason young people decide not to drink. They really do hear you.

Parents Make the Difference

Whether you know it or not.

Start Strong! Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Kind.

Bienville Parish School District Reopening Plan 2020-2021

About Us

The mission of the Bienville Parish Community Coalition is to plan and implement strategies that prevent and reduce youth substance use and its associated consequences through community and parish-wide collaborative efforts. While the focus is on youth, programs and services shall also target adults, businesses, the faith-based community, families and other indicated populations.

Step 1: Understand the Problem

Learn the Facts

To prepare your teen for today’s world, you must be aware of what’s going on. Learn what to watch out for so you can help them do the same.

Talk to Your Teen

You have more influence on your child’s attitude toward drinking and drugs than you know, especially BEFORE they are exposed to them.

Get Help

Whether you need prevention, intervention, or rehabilitation, there is help if you know where to look. Find resources in your community.

Step 2: Change Starts with You

On the road to independence, teens need a guide: Be that guide.

In a 2014 online survey of 663 high school students by MADD, teens whose parents told them there were against underage drinking were more than 80% less likely to drink than teens whose parents didn’t give them a clear message. Make the message clear to your teens. If you don’t, someone else will decide what message they hear.

Support from the Community

School Participation

Empower teachers and school administrators to educate teens about the impact alcohol and drug abuse can have on their lives, careers, and futures.

Resources for Schools

Help At Home

When parents are involved, they can make the first impression when it comes to their position on alcohol and drugs. Make the right stand.

Resources for Parents

Help In The Community

Whether you are a concerned parent or a teen in need of help, Bienville Parish has the resources to get you on the right track.

Community Resources